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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Use this exercise to reduce patellar knee pain…

A common golf injury is knee pain. With constant extensions and rotations of different parts of the knee, even the slightest of wrong movements can leave it susceptible to injury.

If you have knee pain from your patellar tendon (pain under the knee cap)… this exercise will actually help take away the pain.

Doing leg extension holds for just 30 seconds per leg everyday for a week can greatly reduce your patellar knee pain.

Use weights and build up strength, making sure you can still hold the weight for the full 30 seconds, to bulletproof your knees.

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Pallof Press for Core Stability

Pallof Press for Core Stability

Improve stability by resisting the rotation…

The Pallof Press is one of the best exercises to build strength and stability in your core, especially for golf.

The Pallof Press builds the muscles responsible for rotation in your core without unnecessary pressure and force on your body or joints.

This exercise is deceptively difficult.

It doesn’t look like you’re doing much on the surface… but inside, you’ll feel nearly every muscle responsible for rotation and stabilization firing.

You should find the tension that allows you to do 20 – 25 Pallof Presses max.

For an additional challenge, try an isometric hold with your arms extended. The right tension means you can hold it for at least 30 seconds but not more than 60 seconds.

Improve Your Balance, Stability, & Speed…

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Shoulder Mobility Test

Shoulder Mobility Test

Should you take a full swing? …

Take the Shoulder Mobility Test to see if you should be taking a full swing.

Shoulder mobility is an important part of playing golf.

If you have limited shoulder mobility, your body is going to compensate in other areas to make up for your swing. These compensations lead to pain in your low back, hips and knees…

Limited shoulder mobility is also the primary reason for inconsistent, weak ball striking.

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