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Drills are just the start. PROLETE+ includes programs designed to help you develop every aspect of your game. PLUS... Get access to new programs before anyone else.
PROLETE+ includes access to the following programs:
The Full Body Swing
Develop a Powerful, Easy, Pain-Free Golf Swing. $97
Most adults tend to just swing with their arms, costing you distance and accuracy. Use your body as your main power source for more speed, distance, and consistency.
Keys to Driver Distance
Longer, Straighter Drives
Driver is not like other clubs. This program is the key to hitting your driver longer, straighter, and more consistently.
The Mental Side of Golf
99% of your round is spent thinking... Only 1% is spent swinging a club. If the thinking bit gets in the way of the playing bit... This program will help you play better golf.
Neck, Shoulders, & Mid Back
Bulletproof Your Shoulders
Whether you have an old injury that you've never quite recovered from or you want to enjoy a round without neck and back pain, this program will help you strengthen your neck, shoulders, and back from the inside out.
Distance Booster
Add 20 Yards in Minutes...
The Distance Booster is a short program with just the best drills to quickly give you a few extra yards.
Faults & Fixes
Quick Fixes for Your #1 Miss
Sometimes you need super glue and duct tape to get through a round. Faults & Fixes gives you the quick solution to your #1 miss.
Creating Consistency
Crush Any Challenge
Golf is a game of variables. Every shot is different... a new challenge. Consistency is being able to overcome those variables and still make great contact.
Bands for Golf
Faster, Stronger, Better
Bands are ideal for building shoulder and rotational strength required for golf. This program takes you through the best exercises to crush the course.
Master Your Grip
Your Only Connection To the Club
The Grip is your only connection to the club... but there is no "one" grip. Learn how and when to adjust your grip for different situations.
Golf Strong
At-Home Excercises to Move Your Best
It's not the big Mr. Universe muscles that help you swing a club... it's the small connective muscles. These simple exercises will help you get and stay Golf Strong.
Advanced Speed Techniques
Generate More Speed & Power
Techniques used by World Long Drivers to push the limits of golf.
Video Library
Mind, Body, Swing, Strategy
The Video Library has hundreds of videos covering all aspects of a complete player... PLUS new videos every week.

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