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Common Mistakes When Swinging Hard

Common Mistakes Most People Make When Swinging Hard

Watch out for these mistakes when you’re driving for distance…

The harder you swing, the more your swing falls apart… If this is you, you need to watch this video.

There are 4 common mistakes that almost everyone makes when they start trying to swing hard.

  • Swinging With Your Arms
  • Forward or Reverse Hip Slide
  • Driving Over Your Front Leg
  • Too Much Tension In Your Body

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Caring for your Tornado Tee

Caring for your Tornado Tee

The flexible crown on the Tornado Tee means that it can become misshapen in your bag or shipping.

This is easy to fix. Press the flexible crown down around the tee base like an umbrella and pull back up to the normal position. Repeat this process two or three times to restore the original shape of your tee. Your tee will now easily hold a ball.

The flexible crown also means that you can manipulate the top of the tee for a wide or more narrow crown for your ball to rest on.

Teeing Up with Tornado Tee

To press your Tornado Tee into a hard tee box…

  1. Press Down the Flexible Crown
  2. Place the Ball On Top of the Tee with the Crown Compressed
  3. Press the Ball and Tee Firmly into the Ground
  4. Spring the Flexible Crown Back Up into Position
  5. Replace Your Ball On Top of Your Tee

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Previously created almost exclusively for World Long Drive competitors, the Tornado Tee is now available for everyone.

Warranty Information

The Tornado Tee comes with a 30-Day Warranty that guarantees the tee against manufacturer defects.

The design of the tee is such that a good swing will not impact the hard plastic cup or post of the tee. However, if you do make contact with the post or cup and your tee breaks under normal conditions, let us know and we’ll replace your tee. Please send a picture of your broken tee to receive a replacement.

The Tornado Tee also comes with a 1000+ Swing Guarantee on the flexible crown. (This does not cover the hard plastic cup or post.) Your tee will be good for at least 1000 swings or we’ll replace your tee free of charge. This covers if the flexible crown becomes frayed or misshapen and will no longer hold a ball or if the flexible crown separates and comes out of the receiver cup. Please send a picture of your tee and an estimated swing count to receive a replacement. Note: this guarantee only covers normal golf activity.

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Intro to Shot Shaping

Intro to Shot Shaping

Turn Your Slice into a Draw…

When you try to play your slice, you line up to the left and let the big dog hunt. More often then not, your ball still manages to end up OB on the right. So you aim MORE left…

Golf is a game of opposites. If you want to go left, you need to swing more right.

Too many people make BIG changes to their alignment hoping to fix a slice… Big changes mess with your head and you’re making the problem worse by going the wrong way.

6 degrees is a BIG change when we’re talking about ball flight and the effects on spin rates. But in the real world, 6 degrees is a very small change. 6 degrees is just one minute on a clock.

I actually recommend you only make changes 3 degrees at a time (half a minute). This is a move of only about 2 inches when we’re talking about your front foot.

If you aim down the right side of the fairway (alignment, stance, and swing), but aim the face of your club toward the center of the fairway, you have created a 3 degree adjustment.

Want More Distance?

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How to Swing a Driver Like Bryson DeChambeau

How to Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

Increase Speed & Distance with your Driver…

Bryson DeChambeau finished 2nd in the PLDA World Long Drive Championship this year with a 406 yard drive, topping out at 217 MPH… 🤯

Bryson shares his Top 3 Secrets to how he swings faster and hits harder.

WARNING – If you want to be a World Long Drive Competitor, you’re going to have to hit a LOT of balls.

Bryson focuses on maximum force production, hitting 120+ drives, three times a week.

It’s not about how quickly you can swing, it’s about how much energy you can put in the club at the right moment.

Bryson also shares an inside look at his gear… including the Tornado Tee.

In the video Bryson says, “The Tornado Tee. I mean, I’ve used this for probably almost a thousand balls now. … They don’t break. I just use this one and it works every single time.

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Previously created almost exclusively for World Long Drive competitors, the Tornado Tee is now available.