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Intro to Shot Shaping

Intro to Shot Shaping

Turn Your Slice into a Draw…

When you try to play your slice, you line up to the left and let the big dog hunt. More often then not, your ball still manages to end up OB on the right. So you aim MORE left…

Golf is a game of opposites. If you want to go left, you need to swing more right.

Too many people make BIG changes to their alignment hoping to fix a slice… Big changes mess with your head and you’re making the problem worse by going the wrong way.

6 degrees is a BIG change when we’re talking about ball flight and the effects on spin rates. But in the real world, 6 degrees is a very small change. 6 degrees is just one minute on a clock.

I actually recommend you only make changes 3 degrees at a time (half a minute). This is a move of only about 2 inches when we’re talking about your front foot.

If you aim down the right side of the fairway (alignment, stance, and swing), but aim the face of your club toward the center of the fairway, you have created a 3 degree adjustment.

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