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Hit A Draw For More Distance

Hit A Draw For More Distance…

Hitting a draw is easier than you think…

The hardest part of hitting a draw is letting go and trusting your swing.

The only reason you hit a slice is that your clubface is open (compared to your club path).

Thus… to hit a draw, we need to have our clubface closed at impact (compared to your club path).

The easiest way to hit a draw is turn the club in your hands so the club looks very closed, almost hooding the ball… and your hands look like you have a very strong grip.

If you turn the club in your hands you don’t have to do anything else to hit a draw.

Here’s the hard part… don’t change your swing!

You brain is a super computer. It realizes you have a bit of a weird grip and will try to make changes to your swing to compensate. DON’T!

You hit a slice because you leave the clubface open… to hit a draw, you have to learn to deliver a closed clubface.

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