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Low Point Control

Low Point Control

Create Consistency by Adapting to Different Low Points…

Consistency isn’t about hitting 10 of the exact same shot flush on the range… it’s about being able to adapt and overcome the variables of each new shot for good contact.

One of the biggest struggles for most golfers is Low Point Control.

If you struggle with fat and thin shots, you need to work on your low point control.

BUT… most people practice low point control wrong… swinging 1000 times trying to groove in a low point in their swing.

In golf, the ball moves… it’s above your feet, below your feet, on a slope, and seldom perfectly flat like on the range.

As well, your clubs are all different lengths… with different lofts. This means the ball is going to be closer or farther away from you, forward or back in your stance.

Learning to manage your low point means learning to manage your radius and adapt to the ball regardless of the conditions.

Use the Different Height Tees Drill to create consistency in your low point.

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The Magic of the Tornado Tee

The Magic of the Tornado Tee

Reduced resistance in all conditions…

In soft ground, a tee simply tips forward when struck. However, in firm ground the tee pushes back on the club.

How much the tee pushes back on the club depends on how dry and firm the tee box is.

It takes nearly 10 pounds of force to break a traditional wood tee. That’s 10 pounds of force you could be losing to the tee instead of transferring it to the ball.

It takes just a few ounces to glide through the flexible crown of the Tornado Tee… significantly less force than any other wood or solid plastic tee.

The result is up to a 3% increase in ball flight metrics.

For reference, Club Manufacturers spend millions in R&D to design new clubheads that provide even a fraction of a percent increase in ball flight metrics.

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Structured Arms

Structured Arms

Make consistent contact and improve your “feel” with structured arms…

A lot of people address the ball with soft arms and then struggle with consistent contact.

When you have soft arms, you have bent elbows. If you bend them too much during your swing you’ll top the ball. If you straighten them, you’ll chunk it or shank it. If you get it just right, you’ll end up with a chicken wing, losing distance, power, consistency, and control…

Address the ball with structured arms and feel the press of the club away from your body.

The Prolete Golf Swing Trainer is perfect for letting you feel what structured arms should feel like through your entire swing.

Train yourself to have structured arms and you’ll have a consistent radius for more power, distance, and control.

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Drill for Centered Contact

Channel Drill

Make centered contact with this drill…

If you want more distance and control, you have to hit the center of your clubface.

BUT… how do you train centered contact?

Create a channel for your club to pass through.

Use a material that won’t hurt you or your club if you accidentally run it. Start slow with a wide channel. As you build up confidence and speed, make your channel increasingly narrow.

The trick is to have the confidence to swing without worrying about the channel or where you hit the ball. Focus on developing a confident smooth swing. Then, if the ball is in the right place, you’ll make centered contact.

Soon, you’ll be swinging mere millimeters away from the sides of your channel and you’ll have centered contact.

This drill works with every club in the bag… including your putter.

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