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Low Point Control

Low Point Control

Create Consistency by Adapting to Different Low Points…

Consistency isn’t about hitting 10 of the exact same shot flush on the range… it’s about being able to adapt and overcome the variables of each new shot for good contact.

One of the biggest struggles for most golfers is Low Point Control.

If you struggle with fat and thin shots, you need to work on your low point control.

BUT… most people practice low point control wrong… swinging 1000 times trying to groove in a low point in their swing.

In golf, the ball moves… it’s above your feet, below your feet, on a slope, and seldom perfectly flat like on the range.

As well, your clubs are all different lengths… with different lofts. This means the ball is going to be closer or farther away from you, forward or back in your stance.

Learning to manage your low point means learning to manage your radius and adapt to the ball regardless of the conditions.

Use the Different Height Tees Drill to create consistency in your low point.

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