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High Speed Tee

Ultra High Speed Ball Strike

What really happens to a golf tee?…

When a golf ball is compressed, it expands along the perimiter perpendicular to the impact point.

This expansion presses down on the crown of the tee, driving the tee into the ground.

The compression wave ripples forward to the front of the ball then returns creating a spring effect off the face of the golf club.

The club actually runs into the tee before the ball jumps off the face of the club.

Under ideal conditions, the tee can absorb the shock of the downward pressure from the ball compressing and kicks out of the way when the club comes through.

However, when the ground is firm… a traditional tee cannot move to absorb the downward pressure of the ball or get out of the way of the club.

When a traditional tee cannot move, the tee pushes up on the ball adding spin and reducing the amount of energy transferred… the opposite of what you want when driving the ball.

The Tornado Tee has a patented flexible crown designed to act as a shock absorber when the ball is compressed.

The flexible crown is also designed to let the club pass through the tee without the added resistance of a rigid tee.

Because the Tornado Tee flexes there is less spin and more energy transferred into the golf ball.

Using the Tornado Tee results in longer, straighter drives with less dispersion.

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