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Move Fast to Swing Fast

Move Fast to Swing Fast

Use this drill to practice swinging fast…

Swing weights and weighted clubs are problematic.

Swing weights overload your joints…

And while swing weights help build some muscle, the added weight actually trains your body to move slower…

You shouldn’t only practice swinging heavy because swinging heavy slows you down.

If you want to swing fast, you have to practice swinging fast.

The easiest way to swing fast is to swing light.

Swinging light primes the body to move faster.

The Whoosh Drill is the best way to practice swinging fast.

Use an alignment stick or club shaft without a clubhead if you have one. Practice swinging, working to increase the “whoosh” sound out in front of the ball. The auditory feedback helps you find your body’s natural sequence to maximize your whoosh. When you can consistently achieve your max whoosh, switch to your driver.

The Whoosh Drill is a great warmup before hitting driver. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can gain a few extra MPH.

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