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How to Swing a Driver Like Bryson DeChambeau

How to Swing A Driver (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

Increase Speed & Distance with your Driver…

Bryson DeChambeau finished 2nd in the PLDA World Long Drive Championship this year with a 406 yard drive, topping out at 217 MPH… 🤯

Bryson shares his Top 3 Secrets to how he swings faster and hits harder.

WARNING – If you want to be a World Long Drive Competitor, you’re going to have to hit a LOT of balls.

Bryson focuses on maximum force production, hitting 120+ drives, three times a week.

It’s not about how quickly you can swing, it’s about how much energy you can put in the club at the right moment.

Bryson also shares an inside look at his gear… including the Tornado Tee.

In the video Bryson says, “The Tornado Tee. I mean, I’ve used this for probably almost a thousand balls now. … They don’t break. I just use this one and it works every single time.

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Previously created almost exclusively for World Long Drive competitors, the Tornado Tee is now available.