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Develop Tour Level FEEL

Develop Tour Level FEEL…

Without Spending Countless Hours on the Range.

Great players have great FEEL

FEEL is a paradox. Anyone can develop great FEEL, but it’s almost impossible to coach.

FEEL is the language of the body. This is how the body and the brain communicate.

FEEL isn’t English… or Spanish… or French… or German… or Russian… It’s little electrical impulses traveling through the body and being interpreted by the brain.

Everyone’s FEEL is different. Your FEEL is as unique as your fingerprint. If FEEL is a language, there are 8 BILLION dialects.

What feels natural to one person, might be awkward for another. Heavy-Light. Easy-Hard. Loose-Tight.

When you think about all the positions your body and club need to be in, you are using the analytical, thinking, LEFT side of your brain.

When you FEEL your swing, you are using the creative, intuitive, feeling, RIGHT side of your brain.

Chances are you are literally using the wrong side of your brain to swing a club.

But how do you develop great FEEL?

This is what makes the Prolete so unique and valuable for improving your swing.

The Prolete has a specially designed resistance band that connects from your waist to the shaft of your club.

This resistance band acts like an external tendon… letting you FEEL where your club is.

BUT it also works because we can see and observe exactly where the resistance band is and what the resistance band is doing.

You can SEE and FEEL when the resistance band is stretched out or relaxed.

You FEEL the position of your club throughout your entire swing.

You can instantly tell if your body is in sequence with your club… because you can FEEL the club.

AND… Because you can take full swings, hit real balls, and use your own clubs, you can develop FEEL and improve your ball striking for every club in your bag.

The Prolete comes with a 5-Day Program to walk you through exactly what you should see, where the band should be, and the drills to develop better FEEL in your swing, helping your brain and body communicate so you can be creative on the course with an intuitive swing, improve your ball striking and increase your distance.

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