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Stop Shanking in 60 Seconds

Stop Shanking in 60 Seconds

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You hit your hybrids well, but 50% of the time you shank your irons every time…

WHY? How do you stop shanking the ball?

You don’t need to buy a full set of hybrids… you need to get better at measuring.

When you swing hard with a long club (driver, woods, hybrids) you give yourself plenty of room. Then when the hole gets closer and the club gets shorter, you have a tendency to measure yourself with soft arms.

This means you are too close to the ball. When you swing and your arms extend fully… you’re going to chunk it, standup, chicken wing, or… SHANK.

On the range, you probably don’t practice driver then wedge. (It’s usually the other way around.) When the club gets shorter, you have to be more intentional about your structure at address so you can measure yourself into the ball properly.

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