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Range Time

Don’t Warm Up on the Range…

Warm Up to Hit Balls… Don’t Hit Balls to Warm Up.

When you warm up by hitting balls, you make it nearly impossible to play golf at a high level.

An average round takes 4 hours… and you don’t get the luxury of a small bucket to groove your swing on each tee box.

Golf is one ball… one shot at a time.

The range is a place to practice and test yourself. It is a proving ground.

Before a round, warm up with active stretches and taking dry swings. Feel your body move the club. Feel structured but passive arms for a consistent, repeatable swing arc. Then, when you are warmed up, go to the range for a quick pre-game test.

We all have good days, bad days, and just okay days.

Tee up a ball and see who you are going to be today.

You don’t need to start with short wedges, then irons, then woods. You’ve already warmed your body up. I like to start with driver because it matches what I have to do on the first tee.

That first ball is everything. If it fades, I know I’ll be playing a fade for the day.

Hit a few (no more than 5) with each club or group of clubs to see where your game is at. You don’t really have time to practice and change your swing before a round. This is a test. Come back after your round if you want to practice and make changes.

On the course, have a routine that gets you ready to hit one ball, one time. Not only does this help prevent injury… but a warmup routine before each stroke will improve your consistency.

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