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Centered Strike Drill

Centered Strike Test

You Can’t Trust Your Ball Flight, Unless You Can Pass This Centered Strike Test…

Don’t make any changes to your swing based on ball flight unless you can pass the Centered Strike Test. If you aren’t making consistent contact with the center of your club, you can’t trust your ball flight. Toe and heel strikes can put extra spin on the ball causing your ball to over draw or fade.

Take the Centered Strike Test… And check yourself.

Use foot spray to cover the face of the club. Then hit 5 balls. The goal is less than 1/2 inch in difference for the center of each strike.

PASS (barely) – You want to have a pattern this size or smaller. You certainly don’t want a pattern any bigger.
FAIL – If your pattern looks like this, you need to continue working on a consistent swing path and centered contact before your try to make changes to your swing based on ball flight.

A 1/2 inch off-center strike can cost you as much as 10 MPH ball speed or up to 20 yards in carry distance.

The Full Body Swing creates an extremely consistent and reliable club path that is powerful, easy, and pain-free.

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