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External Rotation for Power, Speed, and Distance

Increase Power, Speed, and Distance…

If your trail elbow flies up in your backswing… you cast the club… you lose power, speed, and distance in your swing.

But it’s not your fault.

Simply trying to hold your elbow down won’t fix the issue.

Most people have rounded shoulders from sitting at a desk, or hunching over an iPad…

Rounded shoulders make it nearly impossible to get your trail shoulder into external rotation in your backswing… (This is why your elbow flies up. You have limited mobility, causing you to push the club out or cast.)

This exercise opens your shoulders back up after years of neglect.

When you first start, it may be difficult to get into external rotation and you won’t likely have much strength in this part of your shoulder.

Start small with this exercise and build up range of motion, then strength, then speed.

Having good external rotation of your shoulder lets you shallow the club, increasing your speed, to deliver a powerful swing through the golf ball.

Improve Your Balance, Stability, & Speed…

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