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Hit it Straighter

90% of Amateurs Get This Wrong…

Use This Tip to Hit it Straighter… Directly At Your Target.

When you’re firing directly at your target… You’re more likely to miss.

90% of amateur players setup and aim incorrectly on the course.

Golf is a side-on game.

We set up looking at the ball, perpendicular to the target… usually 2-3 feet away from the ball.

You can think of the target line for the ball and the parallel line that you’re standing on like train tracks.

When you look at the target, your eyes are actually crossing the train tracks, from where your body is to where the target is.

This shows up in one of three ways:

  • Casting – When you swing to the ball, you actually throw your hands out toward the ball, causing you to cast the club and most often resulting in a slice.
  • Pushing – When you swing to the target, you are pushing your hands across the line, usually resulting in a push or small slice.
  • Stalling – The super computer that is your brain tells your body to decelerate or stop right around impact because your body is “square” to the target line. This can cause a hook, push or a weak slice.

High level players spend enough time with their clubs that they can essentially feel where the clubhead is at all times.

Amateur players tend to think of their hands instead of the clubhead, because it’s the only part we can feel.

Thinking of your hands is what causes you to push, cast, and stall when swinging to the ball or the target.

Instead of swinging to your target, imagine pushing a train down the train tracks.

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