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Make Pure Contact

Make Pure Contact

Practicing on mats can make your contact worse…

Mats have a tendency to encourage fat shots…

When you hit behind the ball on most mats, your club bounces off the mat and skids into the back of the ball.

The result is a little less distance, but it doesn’t always “feel” like a bad shot… so unless you have a golf simulator, you can’t really tell that you hit the ball fat.

The cure is to give yourself an obstacle behind the ball so you know when you start to get a little heavy with your swing.

I’ve used alignment sticks, towels, and even high impact acrylic plates… On grass, a line of sand or paint works well.

Fat shots usually happen when your rotation stalls.

Use the obstacle behind the ball as a reminder to keep rotating all the way through your swing.

The Tee Claw makes a great visual reminder to keep rotating.

Practice with a REAL Tee

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Practice with a REAL Tee… and use the Tee Claw for countless setup and alignment drills.