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Sweep The Ground

Sweep The Ground

You don’t need to help the ball…

A lot of people try to hit “down” on the ball… Others try to help the ball up into the air.

In truth, you want to sweep through the ball.

Your swing doesn’t change between shorter clubs and longer clubs… where you make contact with the ball in your swing changes slightly, but how you swing does not change.

You don’t need to help the ball… either by hammering the ball down or trying to lifting the ball into the air. The face of the club is designed to do all the work for you based on your distance and desired ball flight. (That’s why you get 14 clubs.)

Like a broom, if you hammer down or sweep up, you won’t get much done.

A smooth swing that fits the leading edge of the club between the ball and the earth will always deliver the best result.

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