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Thoracic Turn Test

Thoracic Turn Test

Check the separation between your hips and shoulders…

In the Kinematic Sequence, the hips fire first, then the shoulders, then the arms. This sequence creates a separation between the hips and shoulders in your downswing, using the muscles of the back and torso to further accelerate your rotation.

Tour Players frequently get 80° or more separation in their swing.

Amateur players usually get less than 30° of shoulder turn and use their arms to cheat, making it look like they took a deep turn.

Take the test and be honest with yourself.

When you cheat your turn, you are just swinging with your arms and losing power.

If you struggle to get good separation, don’t cheat your turn, use your body to help you take a full turn, all the way back and through the ball. The result is less effort and more distance.

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