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Hack for Straighter Drives

Simple Hack for Straighter Drives

This simple hack will help you hit straighter drives on your very next swing.

WARNING: This hack only works for a short period of time…

If you Slice the Ball – Raise your tee.

If you Hook the Ball – Lower your tee.

This hack works because it changes the direction of your clubface, the same way hitting on the side of a hill does.

When the ball is above your feet (higher than normal), the club is heel down, toe up… so the loft on the club is actually pointing to the left. This is why it’s hard to hit the ball right when you’re on a hill.

When the ball is below your feet (lower than normal), the club is toe down… so the loft on the club is actually pointing to the right.

However, once you become accustomed to the new height for your tee (lower or higher), you’ll start returning to your old patterns and go back to leaving the clubface open or shut at impact.

To permanently fix your slice / hook, you have to change the pattern of your swing that is causing you to leave the clubface open / shut at impact.

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