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Don’t Cheat Your Backswing

Don’t Cheat Your Backswing

If you want more distance and consistency, don’t cheat your backswing.

Most people let their lead arm get pinned against their chest in their backswing.

You see pictures of Tour Players in this position, so it must be good… right?

What you see in a picture is an example of a dynamic position.

When you purposefully pin your arm against your chest, you lose width and extension in your backswing… this limits your turn… and you lose power.

The goal in a backswing is to turn your body with your hands in front of your chest, keeping as much width as possible.

This width does 2 things…

  1. It creates a longer lever for you to apply more force on a golf ball.
  2. It forces you to turn more to achieve a full backswing, engaging your most powerful muscles, your core.

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