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Fix Your Aim

Fix Your Aim

Most People Aim Too Far to the Right…

Most people aim too far to the right… It’s called parallax.

Because golf is played side-on, we end up with a parallax issue. Your ball wants to go straight to the target… but when you address the ball, your eye is looking at the target… from a different angle.

In the illustration above, your eye actually sees your target much farther to the right in relation to the background than the ball does. This means you end up aiming your feet to the right as well.

The result is either…

  • A push and slice as you hit out to the target your eye sees…
  • A pull / hook as your mind tries to correct at the last minute…
  • Or… worst of all, you get good at lining up to the right, crossing your body, and develop an out-to-in swing path.

Use the Tee Claw with a lanyard to help keep your alignment straight… so you can focus on your swing.

Practice with a REAL Tee

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