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Stay Connected for Power

Stay Connected for More Power…

If you want a Powerful, Consistent, Easy, Pain-Free golf swing… you have to stay connected.

You can do this drill at the range before a round or even out on the course before a shot.

This drill will help you feel what it means to be connected and learn to stay connected all the way through the end of your swing.

One of the reasons we start to lose distance as we get older is because are hips stall and we start swinging with our arms…

Swinging with your arms takes a considerable amount of effort… and it makes it 10x harder to be consistent.

A Powerful, Consistent, Easy, Pain-Free golf swing starts with staying connected…

Start by rotating from address to the end of the swing (the end of your swing is full extension through the target line.)

Then take half swings, from 90° to 90° where the club is roughly parallel to the ground in your backswing and roughly parallel to the ground at the end of your swing.

Once your comfortable and feel like your arms and hands are in-sync with your body, add a ball.

If you’re on the range, hit at least 10 good connected shots before you move on to lengthening your swing.


  • Use your body to rotate.
  • Keep your arms in-sync with your body.
  • Keep your arms structured.
  • Keep your head over your centerline.
  • Flare your lead foot to take the pressure off your ankle.

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