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How High Should You Tee the Ball

How High Should You Tee the Ball?

Practice the Different Height Tee Drill for Better Radius Control & Improved Ball Striking…

One of the most common questions… How high should I tee the ball?

Answer: It depends… Different heights make different shots a little easier, but tee height shouldn’t matter.

On the course… it’s really about preference.

Tiger Woods (and many Tour Pros) tees his ball lower than most amateur players.

On the range… you should practice hitting balls off of different height tees with driver and with every other club in your bag.

The range is almost perfectly flat… the course is variable. The ball is going to be above your feet or below your feet on almost every shot.

Practice hitting balls off of different height tees to help control your radius and improve your ball striking.

The best tee height for you is the one you feel you can control the ball flight the best. Forcing yourself to practice different tee heights will help you discover your personal preference while improving your ability to adapt to the demands of the course.

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