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Ground Forces

Ground Forces…

Swinging on a Swing Set Prepared You For This…

As a child, you used to swing on a swing set… pumping your legs at just the right time to go higher and higher.

Using ground forces in a golf swing works the same way.

You have to unweight (go down) and push (lift up) at just the right time to increase the speed of your club and still make contact with the ball.

This is a Black Tees concept, meaning it’s an advanced concept that takes a significant amount of practice. But even if you’re not looking to compete in the World Long Drive… the concepts behind how the club is accelerated around your body are important to understand.

You can start to play with feeling the pendulum of your swing and how you can affect the speed of the clubhead with relatively small movements in you knees and body.

Hit Longer, Straighter Drives…

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