The Original Tornado Tee

The Ultimate Tee for Longer Drives

Official Tee of the

✔ USGA and R&A Conforming
✔ Patented Design
✔ Increase Distance Up To 12 Yards
✔ Reduced Spin for Longer, Straighter Drives

Tees are essential to the game of golf… especially when you have the right one.

The Tornado Tee is a durable golf tee that increases distance and improves accuracy by eliminating friction and resistance.

The Tornado Tee is the only tee with a 1-Year, 1000 Swing Limited Warranty.

The Flexible Crown effortlessly absorbs the shock of a ball deforming and compressing when struck by a club.

When a ball is struck it expands along its perimeter perpendicular to the strike. Traditional tees are rigid and push back against the ball creating undesired spin that can affect the ball flight.

The Tornado Tee allows the club to pass through the flexible crown for a smooth, pure feel.

After you strike the ball, your Tornado Tee will be right where you left it. No more chasing your tee on the range or looking in the bushes wondering where your tee might have gone.

Press your Tornado Tee into the ground to your desired tee height.

For a traditional setup – insert the tee until the base of the receiver cup is touching the ground. This will give you a consistent tee height and position your ball so half the ball is above the crown of your club.

For firmer ground, collapse the flexible crown of the Tornado Tee. Hold a ball on top of the collapsed crown and press firmly on the ball to set the tee.

Once you’ve achieved your desired tee height, gently pull up on the flexible crown to restore the crown to its normal position.

You’re ready to go!