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Simple Trick for Short Game Mastery

Simple Trick for Short Game Mastery

It’s not enough to hit the ball far… You have to be able to finish the hole.

A lot of people struggle around the green…

And anytime they need LESS than a full swing.

If your short game is giving you trouble… your body and arms are out of sync.

This causes all sorts of problems…

  • Too Short…
  • Too Long…
  • Too Far Left…
  • Too Far Right…
  • Chunking…
  • Blading….
  • Zero Confidence… and NO Feel.

Luckily, the fix is simple. TEMPO.

When you have a consistent Tempo, you will develop feel for the distance almost instantly.

The swing is a simple 4 count.

  1. At Address – Resting and Ready
  2. Begin your Backswing
  3. Transition to a Swing and Follow Through
  4. Hold Your Finish

I like to use Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” to ensure I have a consistent tempo every time.

Use this trick anytime you have less than a full swing, including when you putt.

And when you need more distance…

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