Tanner Infinitee Batting Tee


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Make consistent contact anywhere in the strike zone.

The Infinitee Batting Tee allows you to quickly and easily move the tee all around the zone.

Most players and coaches never move the ball… failing to practice adjustability.

Just move the swing arm to a new contact position, while keeping the tee base in place, so hitters stay consistent with their stance at every pitch location.

If you’re looking for a hitting aid that frees up time during your team or child’s practices and allows your athletes to practice a consistent approach to pitches in the entire strike zone, Infinitee is for you.

Designed for More Productive Coaching Sessions

The Infinitee is a durable milled aluminum arm designed to support both baseballs and softballs without sagging.

The Infinitee swing arm is built into the best selling Tanner Tee – the Original stem which includes the premium hand-rolled rubber ball rest so the hitter feels the ball not the tee, and the patented adjustable Flextop, allowing you to easily adjust the height, increasing the range and versatility of this softball and baseball batting tee.

The Infinitee sits on the Home Plate style base, which allows athletes to visualize pitch location relative to the home plate for better training sessions, especially for youth athletes.

With the Infinitee, the coach and hitter save time and energy by easily moving the ball position around the plate, without moving the tee.

Additional information

Weight 208 oz
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 in

Adjustable 26-43 inch (Adult: Ages 14 and up), Adjustable 20-32 inch (Youth: Ages 13 and below)