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Hit Up on Your Driver

Hit Up On the Ball For More Distance…

Coaches love to tell you to ‘Hit up on the ball for more distance.’

For most people, particularly those with less speed, a higher launch does produce a longer ball… But it can also mean more variability in your ball flight.

If you already struggle with directional control on your drives, you probably shouldn’t try to hit up on the ball. (Most Tour Pros actually hit down, an average of -1.5° down, for more control.)

For those wanting to hit up for more distance, use this drill to make sure you stay behind the ball.

  • Mark the center of your stance with an alignment stick.
  • Start with the ball in the center of your stance (like a wedge).
  • Gradually move the ball forward in your stance with each shot while keeping the same swing with your low point just in front of the alignment stick.
  • Don’t Try to Help The Ball! The more the ball moves forward in your stance, the more likely you are to try to change your swing to hit the ball. DON’T!

A swing has up and a swing has down. When you try to hit the ball… or help the ball… you move your swing circle instead of letting your natural swing circle run into the ball.

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