Easily Rotate Through Impact

Easily Rotate Through Impact

Rotation is the key to SPEED, POWER, DISTANCE, and CONTROL in your golf swing…

Rotation is something that every Tour Pro is constantly working on and the Number One place we lose distance as we get older.

When you stand over a golf ball, the entire goal is to apply force to the ball to make it fly.

Force = Mass x Acceleration

If you’ve ever wondered how a 98 lb. girl can hit a 250 yard drive… it’s because she rotates. When you rotate effectively, you use the mass of your entire body to generate force.

So, how is it that most grown men struggle to hit the ball just 200 yards?

Guys in particular, tend to muscle the club, trying to “grip it and rip it” to hit the ball hard. Unfortunately, when you try to swing fast by muscling the club, you are only using your arms. You aren’t engaging your entire body. Your arms are only about 8% of your body, so for most guys that’s only about 16 pounds. Put those numbers into the equation and it’s suddenly easy to see how a 98 pound girl can out drive you.

200 lb. Guy using just Arms — Force = 16 lbs. x Acceleration

98 lb. Girl using her Whole Body — Force = 98 lbs. x Acceleration

Better rotation is actually something that every single Tour Pro is constantly working on. Why? Because rotation is the key to SPEED, POWER, DISTANCE, and CONTROL.

If you want to hit the ball farther, you have to use your rotation, not your arms. This works with your driver and with your wedges.

Master your rotation and you’ll be able to:

  • Hit longer, straighter drives.
  • Hit clean, crisp irons.
  • Have effortless distance control with your wedges.

The secret to EFFECTIVE rotation is actually in your hands.

If your hands get ahead of your hips, usually because your rotation stalls, you’re just using your arms.

If your hands lag behind your hips, usually because you’re trying to steer the ball, you lose energy and control over your clubface (the exact opposite of what you were trying to do.)

The Prolete™ Golf Swing Trainer was specifically designed to help golfers rotate effectively.

The Prolete features a resistance band that goes around the shaft of your club and connects to the patent pending Power Guide to let you know when you’re rotating effectively and when you are not.

The Prolete helps you develop a professional takeaway, transition, and finish.

The Prolete comes with one standard length resistance band. You can easily move the band up or down the shaft to decrease or increase the amount of tension and resistance provided by the band.

The Prolete works for both Right and Left-Handed Golfers.

The Prolete Golf Swing Trainer helps players of all abilities improve their ball striking.

Use the feedback from the Prolete to develop and refine a professional style swing with STRUCTURE, CONTROL, and Tour-Style ROTATION.

While the Power Guide and resistance band help you build STRENGTH, STABILITY, and SPEED hitting actual golf balls with your own clubs.


The Prolete Golf Swing Trainer is assembled in the USA.

The patent pending Power Guide is made with military grade belting for strength, flexibility and durability with a tensile strength of 4,046 lbf.

Prolete has a 30-Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee and a One Year Warranty on all orders that doesn’t start until you receive your product.

Get a Prolete Golf Swing Trainer and start rotating more effectively today!

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