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The Full Body Swing Digital Program

Get the Distance You Want Without the Pain. Discover Effortless Power in Your Swing. These Full HD Videos take you step-by-step through the Full Body Swing. This program is designed to be completed at home or on the range. The detailed instruction and drills are organized to help you rebuild your swing at your own pace.

Imagine Yourself...

  • Swinging easier
  • Hitting the ball farther
  • Hitting more fairways & greens
  • Having that easy, smooth distance
  • Having a swing that lets you play without pain at any age
  • Enjoying golf again!

Whether you're a rank beginner or a seasoned Tour Pro, you'll benefit from learning The Full Body Swing.

As we get older, we start to lose mobility in our swing. The usual way of trying to swing harder only results in pain and frustration. Learning the Full Body Swing will allow you to continue to enjoy playing golf with a powerful swing that is easy, smooth and pain-free.

If you have pain anywhere in your body during or after a round of golf, you NEED to learn The Full Body Swing.

The Full Body Swing teaches you how to use your entire body in the proper sequence to create a swing that works with your body instead of against it.

You can learn The Full Body swing with just 10 minutes of practice a day. You don't have to be at the range or even hit a ball. Learning to use your body effectively is actually easier to learn without a ball. With The Full Body Swing, you learn how to swing well using your body first. Then, ball striking is simply a function of putting a ball in your swing path. Swinging a club to hit a ball should be simple and easy. When you have a powerful swing that is pain-free, you can actually enjoy a round of Golf.