The BEST Resistance Bands for Golf

Improve Your Balance, Stability, & Speed...

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to swinging a golf club and hitting the ball hard.

Big Muscles ≠ Fast Swing

Speed and Distance doesn't come from the big flashy, Mr. Universe muscles.

Speed and Distance comes from Balance, Core Stability and... the Small Muscles in your shoulders!

J-Bands are ideal for building strength for golf.

J-Bands allow you to focus on the small muscles required for balance, stability, and speed.

Swing weights overload joints and underload muscles by limiting capacity to your strength in the weak range.

Your body is 7x stronger in the impact-ready positions, near full extension. This is why J‐Bands require lighter forces in the weak range and higher forces in the strong range.

Why Are J-BANDS Better Than Weights?

If you're lifting or swinging static weights, you're cutting your gains short. Static weights overload the joints and underload the muscle.

Your body is 7 times stronger at full extension in the impact-ready positions than in the joint-compromised starting positions.

J-Bands provide greatly varied resistance through each movement, enabling you to focus on recruiting more small muscles, produce more balance, and increase stability faster.

  • More Resistance Where Your Body is Stronger
  • Less Risk of Injury Than Traditional Weights
  • Easier On the Joints, Harder on the Muscle
  • Focus on Small Muscles Responsible for Balance, Stability, and Speed.

J-Bands are specifically designed for bi-lateral strength training of your shoulders and core, the movements required in golf. Because your body is weaker in starting positions, lighter forces are required at the beginning of the movement, where weightlifting injuries often occur.

With J-Bands, the weight increases as you move from the weak range (your backswing) to the strong range (near full extension), where you are capable of producing 7x more force.

J-Bands allow you to safely train with greater force than swinging a club or lifting weights in they gym, triggering greater muscular growth.

  • Full-Body Muscle-Building Workouts
  • Build Strength Faster
  • Greater Gains In Just 10 Minutes a Day

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